A small selectionMy Pictures

„Stade – Am Hafen“

oil/pigments/mixed media/50 x 80 cm//Canvas/2011

„it should have become a red canvas“

oil/pigments/160 x 120 cm/canvas/2015

"Bottles on green cloths“

oil/mixed media/50 x 50 cm/2000

„casa cantonale sulla Aurelia“

oil/pigments/40 x 40 cm/plywood/2010

Simple and daily things

It’s always the simple, everyday things that interest me.

Lines, colours, shapes have fascinated me ever since I can think. I want to capture things, flowers, houses, landscapes, proverbially, hence my penchant for the graphic, my penchant for holding on to clear, firm forms, because tomorrow these forms, the lines could already have melted away.

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