portrait-minke-havemann-2015I was born in the former CSSR. My childhood and schooling, up to my Abitur, I experienced in Arnhem / Netherlands.




  • Study in Munich – work at the Landesmuseum München, Universal Pictures a.o.
  • Until 1979 an unsteady life with many moves at home and abroad – among other places: Böblingen, Mainz, New York, Paris
  • Since 1984 I am a member of the BBK (Bund Bildender Künstler)
  • Until April 2018 I lived and worked in a big farmhouse located in Hagenah, a small village halfway between Cuxhaven and Hamburg. In my big adjacent atelier-building I organized many exhibitions and painting seminars regularly took place.
  • Since May 2018 I live and work in Stade. In my new atelier I concentrate solely on my work, studies and projects.



I have continuous exhibitions at home and abroad, among others:

Stuttgart, Koblenz, Braunschweig, Hamburg, Cuxhaven, Lübeck, Stade – USA, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, France, Italy